Safeguard your home with the Gas Fireplace Lock

A durable and discreet solution for securing your gas fireplace valve from unwanted access.

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Safe. Secure. Easy.

An affordable safety solution.

Keep your family safe with our Gas Fireplace Lock, which easily secures your gas valve and prevents tampering by curious children or guests.

Enhanced Security
Protects your home by preventing unauthorized access to the gas fireplace valve.
Child Safety
Keeps curious children from tampering with the gas valve, reducing the risk of accidents.
Universal Fit
Compatible with most standard residential gas fireplace valves for easy installation.
Dual Use Tamper Evidence
The dual hasps allow 2 uses for detecting tampering

“The Gas Fireplace Lock has given us peace of mind knowing our children can't accidentally turn on the gas. It was easy to install and fits perfectly with our fireplace setup.”

Sarah M.

Unbeatable Price

It's a simple product for an excellent price, especially considering the safety and peace of mind of knowing there is no unauthorized natural gas use in your home.

Original Gas Fireplace Lockout

The original gas fireplace lockout device that has served in so many homes keeping families safe.

What’s included

  • 1x Original Gas Fireplace Lock
  • 1x Lockout Sticker
  • Dual use tamper indicator
  • Available in Black or Stone Grey

Peace of mind for a few bucks

$5 USD

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Gas Fireplace Lock enhance the safety of my home?

The Gas Fireplace Lock prevents unauthorized access to the gas valve, reducing the risk of accidental gas leaks or tampering, particularly by children or untrained individuals.

Is the Gas Fireplace Lock compatible with all gas fireplace models?

The Gas Fireplace Lock is designed to fit most standard residential gas fireplace valves. However, we recommend checking the specifications to ensure compatibility with your particular model.

How easy is it to install the Gas Fireplace Lock?

The Gas Fireplace Lock is designed for easy installation without the need for special tools. Most homeowners can install it themselves in a matter of minutes by following the included instructions.

What materials is the Gas Fireplace Lock made from?

The Gas Fireplace Lock is constructed from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand daily use and resist tampering, ensuring long-lasting security for your gas fireplace.

Can I use the Gas Fireplace Lock for outdoor fireplaces?

Yes, the Gas Fireplace Lock is weather-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, as long as the outdoor fireplace has a compatible valve housing.

Secure your gas fireplace valve.
Experience peace of mind.

Our Gas Fireplace Lock is an essential safety measure, providing key-access security to ensure only trusted individuals can operate your fireplace.